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Vision & Mission
Message From Management
Our goal at SPL is to be our clients “first choice” provider of engineering and project delivery services and to expectation of both our clients.

We will achieve this by:

Focusing our efforts on the needs of our clients

Delivering project outcomes that are safe to construct, operate and maintain
Developing long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our clients
Building a capable, committed, enthusiastic and safety conscious workforce

Using an “excellence in quality”, “cost effective” and safe approach to project delivery


Maintaining a competitive advantage through flexibility, service, expertise and complementary alliances

Creating profitable business growth

SPL is committed to the principle of best practice management, founded on the following values:

Everyone is committed to work in a safe manner and contribute to the safety outcomes of projects


The Company sets challenging and realistic goals to which everyone in the organization is aligned and committed


Everyone is honest with each other and has mutual respect for each other’s skills and knowledge


The Company is committed to establishing an environment that encourages innovation and teamwork


The Company en encourages initiative and supports individuals who identify, define and manage opportunities that may enhance project outcomes and value delivered to clients


The Company is committed to making available the skills necessary to deliver on commitments

There is a common desire to succeed


SPL approach each contract of service to clients as a unique project and applies best project management practice to deliver the contracted service. The Synergy Pakistan Business System recognizes eight fundamental principles of managing projects.

SPL is committed to each approved and authorized project

SPL is committed to safety at all times


There is a single point of responsibility for the successful delivery of a project ie. Each project shall have a responsible manager


There is a singles point of  responsibility that represents the client with regard to a project

The project team is properly qualified for the tasks to be carried out

The goals of a project are defined


The project team shall develop strategies to achieve these goals. ie. The project execution shall be planned

    The project team shall adopt control to ensure that the project progresses as planed toward its goals
The project team is committed to deliver project that are safe to construct, operate and maintain
A process to accommodate change shall be implemented

SPL has developed work practices and procedures that incorporate these principles to effectively manage capital project

Synergy Pakistan employees shall maintain the highest standard of behavior in all their business activities and will at all times:
Behave honestly and with integrity in all their dealings with clients, shareholders, employees, contractors, agents, private and government suppliers, business partners and the community
Ensure that their actions comply with applicable laws and regulations
Ensure that all internal and external transactions are recorded accurately and honestly in the records and books of account
Foster good relations with all levels of government while remaining apolitical
Maintain harmonious relations with local communities
Identify and avoid situations where conflicts of interest arise
Not engage in any activity that could be construed to involve an improper inducement
Foster a workplace environment where:
Equal opportunity is rigorously practiced
Harassment or other offensive behavior is not tolerated
Confidentiality of  commercially sensitive information is protected
Everyone is encouraged to discuss concerns about ethical behavior with their supervisor.
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