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Since the inception of Synergy Pakistan Limited, it has become a very renowned EPC company with the given below projects on his credit.


Synergy & APS Engineering Roma has been involved in the Designing of  grass root self standing Port Sudan refinery located in Sudan of Design Capacity 150,000 BPD (deep conversion) Owned jointly by M.E.M and Patrons. The main process licensor involved in this project are
BED preparation
EPCC Contractor selection,

Procurement of Long Lead Items (LLI),

Synergy and CHEMPROD S.r.l has been involved jointly in the Up gradation of Ellipsis Refinery located in Greece.

Scope comprises of 
Fuel balance of the refinery and provide the scheme for managing different fuels including high Btu gas HBG, Low Btu gas LBG and furnace oil

Detailed Engineering of Boiler Feed Water Distribution & Steam Generation System


Bosicor Pakistan Limited owns the Crude Oil Refinery at Mouza Kund Plant (MKP1). The Capacity of this refinery is 18000 BPSD. The Bosicor Pakistan Limited intends to install LPG sweetening project. This is Engineering, Procurement & Contraction (EPC) project. The LPG sweetening project is of capacity 800 BPD.


Process simulation

Preparation of Process Flow Diagram

Preparation of Piping and Instrumentation Diagram

Sizing of Equipment

Preparation of Data Sheets & Specification



Assistance in commissioning and Start-up

FEEP for 62 TPH Up rate Project-ICI PPTA Limited
Pakistan PTA Limited (PPTA) is operating a world scale pure terepthalic acid plant at port Qasim Karachi. The Plant is based on INVISTA performance technology license.

The plant was commissioned in 1998 and over the period of 10 years its name plate capacity has been increased from 54 tph to 62 tph.

PPTA has Carried out a study in 2004-2005. The study was done with the help of process licensor. A Front End Engineering Package (FEEP) was done by Synergy Pakistan Limited.

Synergy Scope:Front End Engineering Package


Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited(FFBL) Plant site is a modern Granular Urea and Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP) fertilizers manufacturing complex, located in Eastern Zone of Bin Qasim, Karachi. FFBL fertilizer complex is state of the art manufacturing facility with advanced Distributed Control System for safe and efficient operation. To Enhance the capacity of the unit Koch-Glitch did the study and the detailed engineering part was done by Synergy/CHEMPROD

Detailed Engineering

Coastal Refinery Kalifa Point

Coastal Refinery Limited (CRL) and Bosicor Pakistan Limited (BPL) are jointly planning to install a SPM / On-shore and Off-shore Pipeline for unloading of crude near Hub coast, Arabian Sea. In this regard the services of Engineering and Project Management Consultant is required to carry out detail engineering and project management of complete project.

SPM will be installed at an approximate safe water depth of 25 to 27 meters. Exact location of the SPM installation point shall be established by the (E&PM) contractor after detailed ocean survey also to be performed under the supervision of (E&PM) contractor.

A preliminary design study has been conducted on the project by M/s. OPE Inc, Houston  and Synergy Pakistan Limited by considering the SPM location near Churna Island. Study was conducted on the project requirements of handling crude tanker size of 100,000 DWT.The total length of line pipe on/off shore will be approximately 16 to 17 km.

Synergy Scope:
Bulk Water Supply Line For Liaquat Medical University

Synergy Pakistan limited was currently doing EPC Project for bulk water supply line 8 Km long and die 16 inch.

Synergy Scope:

Detailed Engineering

Feed Engineering for Motor Oil (Hellas) Refinery

Motor Oil (Hellas) Refineries in Corinth Greece, with a existing capacity of 100,000 BPSD, Now execution of Front End Engineering Design of new additional 60,000 BPSD CDU Complex and related utilities for its refinery, on the basis of light Arabian crude.

Synergy Scope

•New Topping Units
•Flare System (Revamp)
•Fuel Oil System (Revamp)
•Flashing Oil System (Revamp)
•Cooling Tower (Revamp)
•Interconnecting Between Units
•Process and Utilities of North
  Units / New units with South
  old/new Units

SHELL GAS PLANT Revamp Project

Detailed Design for the replacement of the existing electro-pneumatic control system and field instrumentation to the new Foundation Field bus Compliant Instrumentation Instrumentation work scope embraces replacement of existing FOXBORO SPEC 200 control system at both gas plant with Foundation Field Bus Technology.

•PAS ( Process Automation System )
•SIS ( Safety Instrumented System )
•Fire & Gas Detection System

HVAC study for OMV Kadanwari Plant.

Review of existing air-conditioning equipment and to examine various options available for meeting air-conditioning needs of the identified buildings to make recommendation for most suitable option.

  Revamp / Feed Engineering for North
  American Refinery

North American refinery revamp from 75 KBPD to   140 KBPD Ecopetrol a state oil company of   Colombia awarded a Project Management   consultancy contract to Technip Italy. Technip   scope of work comprises of front end design,   detailed engineering and procurement services   for the process units as well as the supervision   of engineering, procurement and construction   contractors activities.

Synergy Scope

•Saturated gas & LPG treatment
•Butamer unit

Tank Farm Area of Bosicor Pakistan

Bosicor Pakistan Limited Sought to increase its storage capacity. Synergy Pakistan Limited was involved in the Designing and construction of  19 (Nineteen) Tanks of different capacity and to store different product. The tanks were designed according to the API standards and constructed up to the satisfaction of the client.
Construction & Installation of 3 (three) LPG Storage Bullets of capacity 60 Tons each

Cooling Water / Fire Water / Raw Water Underground Pipelines

Synergy Pakistan Limited was involved in the construction & commissioning of  complete underground piping network comprising of the largest diameter (98”) and (84”) pipelines of 5,000 running meters within the shortest possible time being a fast track project at Fatima Fertilizer Plant for CNCEC.

Detailed Engineering of Gas Inter cooler Enhancement Project
Detailed Engineering Design for the Installation of Well Head Cooler and associated piping for BHP Billiton.

Installation of High Pressure Natural Gas Line
Detailed Engineering Design of Natural Gas Receiving Facility and Installation of High Pressure Design Natural Gas transfer line Pak American Fertilizer Limited.

Boundary Wall & Watch Towers Design
Design of Boundary Wall and watch tower for   Indus Refinery limited
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